Vocational Links

Waterloo Lodge School aims to provide opportunities for pupils of all abilities to experience vocational education between 14 and 16, and undertake a placement on work experience.

The school has developed links with Runshaw, Preston and Myerscough Colleges in the provision of courses for Years 10 and 11, ranging from a BTEC in Uniformed Public Services, to a NVQ in Catering and Hospitality.

An in-school initiative, in conjunction with the Brothers of Charity at Lisieux Hall and Lancashire Wildlife Trust, is looking to establish an accredited course in horticulture, the school having been given a plot of land at Lisieux.

The school will consistently aim to raise the status of vocational education generally and to provide high quality, vocationally relevant provision for its pupils.

Work Experience

In Year’s 10 and 11 the school offers pupils the opportunity to undertake a 2 week work placement, and in some cases an extended period, usually one or two days per week. The range of placements has seen pupils undertaking occupations in the retail trade, child and adult care, working at professional football clubs, libraries, vehicle mechanics and reptiles.

The majority of the pupils successfully completed their placement and in some cases embarked on additional days with their provider.

Beyond the Classroom

The pupils at Waterloo lodge are offered the opportunity to participate in an ever expanding and exciting programme of Physical Education and Outdoor Education, where they are able to express and develop their interests in challenging and fun environments. This is encouraged by a P.E. pupil of the week award for the pupil who puts the most effort into P.E. lessons during the week.

Pupils have achieved a wide range of skills and knowledge from an ever developing and pupil centred activity list. Where there is a keen interest or skill we ensure that it is developed and qualifications are achieved.

Several of our year ten pupils have participated in Canoeing and Kayaking at GCSE level while the younger end of the school are gaining awards in paddle power sport with a view to extending to paddle power award. Some pupils who prefer rock climbing have passed their level one certificate for the National Indoor Climbing Award Scheme.

Cross country activities, Orienteering, Javelin, Discus and running track events are becoming more and more popular across the school.

Key stage 3 & 4 football teams always perform well; pupils developing their knowledge and skills in team work, communication and enjoyment of the tactical side of the game whilst improving their behaviour, respect and fitness. Pupils also participate in an annual swimming gala, which they have won two years running. Archery is also a popular activity across the school and gives the pupils a great level of Achievement, when they master the art.

Activities undertaken as part of the school’s Outdoor Education programme have included High rope confidence courses, visits to tour Ingleton Caves, visits to Manchester City football ground, a coaching session with Wigan Warriors rugby squad, visits to the fire station, safari parks, airport tours and adventure activities ranging from raft building to mountain biking.

We have several of the year ten pupils now participating in Canoeing and Kayaking at GCSE level while the younger end of the school are gaining awards in paddle power sport with a view to extending to paddle power award and onto the GCSE in future years. Eight pupils who prefer rock climbing have passed their level one of the National Indoor Climbing Award Scheme and well on the way to completing level two.

Outdoor Education

There is an emphasis on outdoor activities which enable pupils to develop team building skills, general confidence and self-esteem. Many pupils have achieved Level 1 & 2 on the National Indoor Climbing Award Scheme and level 1 & 2 Paddle-power Start Kayak Award. GCSE qualifications are also available to pupils in areas such as rock climbing and mountain biking.  All our pupils are also given the opportunity to take part of the Duke of Edinburgh Award

Vocational Curriculum

Many pupils benefit from personalised vocational courses. Notable pupil achievements are as follows:

  • NPTC Level 1 Certificate Animal Care
  • Sport Science: BTEC First Certificate
  • Introduction to Workshop Studies: Motor Vehicle Studies
  • IMIAL Award in Vehicle Maintenance
  • Level 1 Certificate in Basic Construction
  • Level 1 Hairdressing
  • Level 1 Performing Arts
  • Arts Based Award
  • ASDAN Foodwise Entry 3 – Level 1

The school’s vocational curriculum is constantly expanding to meet our young people’s needs and tailored courses are provided for pupils wishing to access further learning beyond the prescribed curriculum.

Our 2017 Exam results can be downloaded below:

WLS Academic Data